Murder Mystery Singapore
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It’s immersive, it’s fun, it’s solving a crime, it’s entertaining, it’s a great bonding experience with friends/family, it’s a Murder Mystery game!

You’re in the middle of a party when suddenly, the lights go out and you are startled by a gunshot. Lights return, and someone is murdered. As you look around the room, you see some shady characters. One of them must be the murderer, but which one is it?

This may sound like a movie, but it isn’t. This is a Murder Mystery game that you’ll get to experience with In each Murder Mystery game, no one is safe and everyone is a suspect. You will be given scripts which contain details of a colorful characters’ unique backstories and the secrets you must try to conceal from the other players, while trying to work out who among them is the murderer! Or the murderer could be you!

Be in character as an underworld boss, a bogus pastor, a patient with a purpose or even a werewolf! has something for everyone, even if you are not into crime and puzzle-solving activities. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a day of fun and laughter while exploring an immersive storyline!

Who’s ready to join the Murder Mystery mania? Get your eyes and ears ready for a crime solving thrill of a lifetime! The Murder Mystery way!